The Library

Where the skin speaks

And where intimacy, pleasure 
and creativity are the goals.

Below you'll find four sections to explore under different headings named after the title and chapters from Aching Beauty offering: conversations, guides, stories, recipes, and music to accompany your days and nights.
Photograph by Thomas Branconier 2016 Street Art Collection 

Aching Beauty 
This section demonstrates that, far from thinking about beauty too much, we haven't begun to think about it as deeply as we should. Features guides, articles and conversations with creative personalities from Toronto and past its borders, to see the unseen beauty in the world through their eyes.

Aching Hunger
Coming soon. Offering stories with recipes on preparing food for how we're feeling and keeping it central to our lives.

Aching Love
Offering stories and guides on skin, hair, body and mind, exploring an unhurried lifestyle and more, while everyone else is looking on. Authored by yours truly and the occasional contributor.

Aching Music
Offering playlists to feel and dance in the moment. So you don't have to decide.

Aching Music: offering 21 songs, 1 hr 32 min to feel and dance in the moment. Playlist inspired from the artists behind the making of Aching Beauty.

Reshaping our inner world: offering 13 songs, 1 hr 3 min to feel and dance in the moment under boring blue skies, while sheltered from wild winds, on cold rainy nights, and for the cells of your entire form. Come on, dive in and dance with me.

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