For your skin, heartbeats and breaths––for you

Be suspended in a cocoon of sensations 

A botanical body oil that supports the skin with its own reinventions to renew itself, allowing you to connect to an entire sensory universe while you let go through touch. 

Not just another room spray

Take a breath,
and take it all in

Crisp and refreshing forest air under a soothing golden warmth of electric rays via this enthusiastic, optimistic, contemplative aroma. 


Strange and soul-stirring

Step outside of our neuroses and compulsions that spoil much of our lives, and restore our spirit and senses with this rousing aroma.

About the fragrance and body care solo made in Toronto

Plus, how to join the waiting list

And here to start you on your journey is the founder himself, Giuseppe de Caria. Please read on. 

Forget trying to find beauty on the outside, that's a fools game. Beauty is in the sensations of the beholder.

We all become aware of things through the senses, they remind us of the impermanence and ephemeral nature of life, motivating us to care and to love, and to become much more of who are. Being open to the beauty of these sensations can be a blessing and a curse of feeling everything so deeply. This can result in arresting sensations that allows us to connect to pleasure (and pain) without resistance, and let go. This is why pleasure is something we should all have and celebrated, fragrance and body care offers that electrifying connection.

Let's move on to the ingredients. The body care formulas are made from 100 per cent cold-pressed (raw) oils from fruit and vegetable kernels, seeds, and nuts. Vibrant and nourishing, leaving the skin richly hydrated with a smooth finish. Plus fragrance, blends of 100 per cent pure essential oils, absolutes and tinctures, from grasses, roots, woods, leaves, flowers, rinds, and tree resin, that lasts for hours on the skin.  

These formulations are hand-blended and bottled-to-order in small numbers to ensure commitment to quality. The botanicals and essential oils come from farms in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and trees hundreds of years old from the Mediterranean. Grown in biodynamic or organic soils. Or ethically wildcrafted from the wild and oceans.

But crop yields can go up or down from inclement weather. It's why I turn to different farms occasionally for ingredients, not certified organic, classified as high grade conventional. Still, these are organic farms that are dedicated to the health and longevity of their surroundings and soil, plants and animals.

And yes, the waiting list is now open. When you're ready, click the button 'Join waiting list' below.

You'll get early access and exclusive offers, and my occasional newsletter will show up, for an engaging view of the unresolved yet compelling beauty in the world around us. Coming from everyday life observations. Including brief introductions to art, architecture, music and more, for a little variety to nourish our minds and moods. Delivered in a calm, entertaining, reassuring, sane voice because few of us manage to be these things very much of the time.

Go on, join the waiting list, and then look around, all with a sense of plenty of time. 

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