Habitual Love Room Spray  

This soul-stirring botanical room fragrance, unfurls into an easygoing and mellow scent, similar to a soft rhythm and extraordinary melody one would listen to day and night. 

(bergamot rind, tobacco leaf, vetiver root) 
slighty sweet, soft smokey, warm woody unorthodox scent

Alcohol denat., aqua, aroma (a blend of pure essential oils). 
Per spray
.15ml delivering approxitmately 667 sprays per bottle.

Canada wide via Canada Post. Item will take approx five days to ship.

We do not accept returns and don't issue refunds. Except for defective/damaged products refunds are eligible for up to 14 calendar days. Do feel welcome to reach out with any questions about a product before making a purchase via email at 

Strange and soul-stirring

Step outside of our neuroses and compulsions that spoil much of our lives, and restore our spirit and senses with this rousing aroma.

How to use
Mist the air with two to three sprays, focusing on the area directly around you. The fragrance will linger for several hours, but reapply as desired to maintain intensity, which allows to easily customize the ambiance of your space with a refreshing burst of aroma. 

Additional insights
More than just a pleasant scent; designed to offer a transformative sensory experience, and a tool for enhancing one's environment and potentially influencing mood and perception from the combination of bergamot, tobacco, and vetiver that creates a unique aroma.

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