Companion Guide

Ceremonial Escapades

Find a warm quiet place. Dim the lights, mellow the music, and grab a bottle of scented oil. Read more below.

Preparation for self-massage
Lock the door and turn off the phone

Start on your feet. Move your buttocks, thighs, and arms in small circular movements. While you keep moving change the direction of the circles, like someone is pulling you from either side. Then soften the chest, ribs and pelvis as you move softly. Feel how each one has a different rhythm, a different groove. You want to lightly let go with a soft groove to find your way, with just enough effort to undo the weight of your body. Now let out a long sigh with a soft voice while you drum on yourself. Lastly, shake your body to vibrate your voice out of your body.

After a few minutes of connecting to pleasure and letting the flow of energy through you, begin your self-massage, all with a sense of plenty of time. 

Preparation for a romance-enhancing massage 
When love is alive and on the move

Practice for a restorative experience with your lover or partner

As you both keep moving, following the instructions above, move in really close. Feel each other's presence as you sit back-to-back next to theirs but without touching yet. As you slowly get in closer, try to rub your back against their back, rubbing the skin first as if you’re trying to breathe from the flesh by really pushing into it. Back-to-back, allow more skin to touch through each movement. Connect to pleasure and let go.

After a few minutes, begin the massage with that special someone under your hands.

Experience Habitual Love
There are no special tricks to massage

A bottle of scented oil is all that's required to spread pleasure over every inch of your body.

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