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A wild traveller's guide for days spent in pursuit of nothing at all. 

Written as a poem to capture moments and share an experience that takes you on a calming journey of Haliburton Highlands, Ontario. Go on—sit back and explore a divine escape and make it your own adventure.

Book features: 22 pages, 11 photographs as a PDF download. 
Presentation: 2 page layout displays beautifully on any size smart phone, tablet or computer screen.
Written and published by: Giuseppe de Caria

Photography by: Charlyne Thorn 
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Expected return date September 2024.

Finding a rhythm
About Divine Haliburton

Composed as a poem for a slower pace and to pay tribute to the vibrant arts community in Haliburton Highlands, Ontario. Written alongside sublime documentary photography. It's no Pulitzer. But it is a trip to make an opening within our own imagination, to calm our worried minds in a world of frenzy and ambition, and a cozy one to boot.

Seeing and recording, to tell a story
About Charlyne Thorn

A documentary photographer from Geneva, turning her lens to Haliburton Highlands and a private residence nestled deeply within its white pine forest, capturing moments of solitude––we zoom in by combining poetry and photography for seeking out an inward-looking journey in Divine Haliburton.

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