For your friends, lovers, and partners––for you

A companion guide for everyone who cares about where they focus, be it on moments of note or affection or celebration. Be the voice we'd miss if you weren't there. 

The best of both worlds. The book and audiobook.

Book features: 53 pages, 46 illustrations as a PDF download. 
Presentation: 2 page layout displays beautifully on any size smart phone, tablet or computer screen.
Audiobook features: 38.42 minutes, MP3 audio download.
Written, published and narrated by: 
Giuseppe de Caria

Illustrated by: Fine Artist Francesco Gallé
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About the book

Today we're living longer and healthier but our human desire for beauty and honouring the most important relationship of all—that we have with ourselves are shelved along with our desires, to pick up in another life. This is just the tip, the book was written and designed to lift our chin a few degrees to see the life in front of us. So we can flourish and belong if we dig a little deeper. Not drown in bitterness, fury and sorrow from an angry, impatient world to conform, to not let us in on our possible dreams, to a way of living that's mundane. Rather, to turn our imaginations on and to look at life, and into the face of another person with, energy, compassion and curiosity. 


Stories that show a route to reconnecting that's kinder to ourselves and to our nearest and dearest through a simple meal, sentiment we shy away from but privately can't get enough of, and music. Written in a friendly, chatty style and never shouty with stuff I've discovered along the way to get them rolling. Richly illustrated to amp up the fun factor. Along with a few tips and takeaways so we don't take ourselves too seriously, to get going.

The finish

Lively and enjoyable dedications to those I've had the darn good pleasure to know over the years, and even to a few that have come and gone. Cheeky examples to give generously with your own voice through a cheerful note to those around you, without restraint. If Aching Beauty doesn't make you feel good inside, all the drugs in the world won't help you. Because all that's required to experience less ache and more beauty is a low dose of courage to make it happen. 

First-rate audio, vibrant visuals
For the ears and eyes

Let me read you the introduction while you follow along by browsing through the image gallery, and tune in to the nuances of a quality audio recording. Go on, press the play button.

Wonderfully inventive
About Francesco Gallé

Francesco Gallé, an established painter, illustrator and graphic artist in Canada and Italy. Paying attention to voice, tone and plot, his whimsical ink and watercolour illustrations teleport us to a world of wonder, transforming this companion guide––into a real beauty inside and out. 

The book and audiobook

Something special

A book of real beauty and style, designed for an eye-catching read and outstanding listening experience to accompany your days and nights. Whether you pick the book up for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family, the digital book and audiobook can be purchased on their own below, or if you're looking for balance––choose the perfect duo at the top of this page for convenient delivery to your inbox at the click of a mouse.

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